tirsdag den 25. april 2017

Exam Comic

This is probably the biggest turn-out I've ever done in terms of equal amounts of quantity and quality so far with comics. We had 5 days to come up with and create a minimum of 2 comic pages, though I managed to pump out 4, so I'm pretty damn satisfied myself.

Erotic Thriller

So as my class and I are nearing the finish line of our first year of the Graphic Storytelling programme, we are now split into groups of four where we’re making a 28 page comic in a specific genre. My group has Erotic Thriller and last week we finished our script.

Now it's time to get to work:

First we were gonna design our characters. I was put in charge of designing the old neighbor lady that would play a small part of our comic

- Insert Drawing Here -

Then sketch up the pages

- Insert Sketch Pages Here -

Then finish them up

- Insert 2 finished Pages here -

and then I was put in charge of designing the posters we'd have for when we'd sell them.

They were really fun to make, had a ton of fun writing the quirky little taglines as well. Definitely one of the most raunchy projects I've ever been part of, it was fun though!


tirsdag den 6. december 2016

Teddy Kristensen: Mini Comics

 This assignment was about showcasing stories without dialogue; the first one here is with a man who just finished murdering someone but has a very laid back and relaxed personality outside of that.
This comic's about an elder lady awaiting the mail man to arrive with a book she purchased. When she finally gets it and reads through the book during the next, she sleeps in next morning. (yes, dead.)

Report Comic

This is one of my longest has-to-be-done assignments, if not THE longest. I had a lot of trouble with motivation and getting the idea down properly.
Though incredibly rushed after what was roughly a year ago, I've finished it more or less, definitely enough to be read-able. ( I had some anxiety issues upon finishing this )

tirsdag den 29. november 2016

Silja Lin Childhood Story

Matt Bors exercise; the assignment was to make a journalistic comic page based on an interview we'd do with our fellow classmates. Her experiences takes place at a farm where she almost got crushed by a calf.

Super Mario Bros Adventure

The last week of Ed Piskor’s class we were asked to make a three-four page adaptation of our favourite story. I decided to make something based of the famous video game franchise, Super Mario.
A tiny few tweaks in design was fun to do, not to mention figuring out how to make it work as a comic book story format while adding some extra humor to it.

I'm planning to color this later on when I finally decide to get off my lazy ass and get it done.

Sleeping Beauty

During our week with Ed Piskor as our teacher we had to a wordless,
two page adaptation of an old fairytale.
 I got Sleeping Beauty